This Much I know Is True

Hi there, I’m Ini and  thank you for taking the time to explore my site, I hope you stay a while and we can connect through our experiences. I believe that the secret to happiness and creating the beautiful life that we desire is being good and loving to ourselves and others. To manifest our heart’s deepest desires, we must accept ourselves as worthy under all circumstances so that we can continue taking empowered action towards our goals during disappointment. It is through self acceptance that we discover our true beauty and gratefully share our light and gifts with others. Life is always guiding us to learn and grow into the most authentic version of ourselves so that we can be fearless and fierce in the pursuit of what fulfills our soul’s highest purpose. When we see life from the lens of love and lean into the feeling of joy and gratitude in our choices, we discover endless inspiration and fulfillment. Self rediscovery is not about what we must become, but surrendering to the expectations of who we are suppose to be so that we can discover the magic of who we already are.

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“You are an evolving masterpiece”–Ini Anana


This Is My Story

I spent the first 10 years of my life in Nigeria, where I was born. It was there that I learned the importance of education and hard work but from a very young age, I felt different from other children my age. I was shy, very contemplative and always wanted to make sense of things especially my experience and I disliked feeling distracted from my thoughts when I had to engage with others. You could say I was getting an early start on figuring out this called life. I knew I wanted to “guide” people and make them happy and adopted a strong desire to please others and gain their acceptance. Like most people, I hid behind the changing expectations of whom I thought I needed to be in order to be loved and settled into a strong attachment to perfection. It created a deep yearning to prove myself and I poured my efforts into the appearance of success. Becoming a mother at age twenty one changed my life forever and as I was putting one foot in of front the other surviving the meltdowns, and tantrums, I discovered that parenting is truly the hardest gig there is out there. And for ten years I winged it as a single parent focused on building a better life for my son and I and began working as a public health nurse in 2011.


In the summer of 2012 the universe was aligned in such a way making it possible for someone like me to meet someone like the dear man that is now my husband. Our journeys were similar and a deep connection of empathy and love grew between us. In his kindness I discovered that love is the willingness to choose peace in all circumstances. Our togetherness is both as comfortable as my second skin and as exciting as a new thrill. On Valentine’s Day 2014, he asked me to become his wife and I said yes!

We were married on July 4, 2015 surrounded by the love of our closest friends and family. As we continued to blend our families with five children between both of us, I realized lessons about myself that otherwise would not have been possible. I have grown to choose kindness over perfection, lead by example, give love enough space to grow and most importantly not to take everything so personally. about-2

I have learned that life is often messy because it takes courage and many lessons to discover and grow into our best selves. In what felt like an ordinary moment in late 2016, during my own sullen experience of misalignment, I briefly mourned the eventual loss of my baby’s innocence pondering the day that she too will shed her innate knowing that she is already enough. The sadness that followed that moment was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening and self rediscovery. I now understand that I was actually being inspired through divine intervention to mourn the loss of my own innocence and to rescue her from the fog of my ego mind. Through my spiritual journey, I have discovered that our only limitation is expecting to be loved instead of choosing to love because it blinds us from our wholeness and oneness with others. My own healing grew a deep passion for personal development and desire to inspire others also discover this secret that we are the key to achieving all that we want in life. I aspire to become a life and relationship coach and currently offer self compassion workshops in Edmonton, Canada. My dream is for all to once again fall in love with themselves and from their own self acceptance connect deeply with others. Welcome to my site, let’s get to know each other and strengthen this community of ordinary people finding their inner magic and sharing their light with the world.

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