My intro to blogging .

DSC_0230.JPG“Why do you want to become a blogger”? This must be one of those questions that come up frequently when people interrogate bloggers’ motives. It was the typical question asked by my loved ones when I expressed my intentions to create this blog. Naturally, I had to assume that many of you stumbling along my site may also have the same inquiries and it would only seem fair that if you decide to follow me along on this journey, then I ought to give you some answers.  It has been surprisingly difficult to validate why I am joining this cyber community with rationales that sounds like the type of explanation I imagine others want to hear. Rather my desire to blog comes more from instinct; it derives from the same drive that leads birds to fly, or artists to create and little babies to be ridden with curiosity; it is…natural. I can mainly describe my drive to blog simply as an instinct that feels natural to who I am. But on a more tangible level, the following are a few of the underlying ideals that encouraged my decision to create this blog.

My loved ones repeatedly point out how much I love to talk, although I’d rather refer to it as communicating, connecting or discussing. In some respects, blogging is an extension of this aspect of my personality. I enjoy bouncing ideas off people and perhaps having a primary audience of an incomprehensible babbling baby has played a role in the need to seek out another platform of connecting with others. There is no doubt that having a baby five months ago has played a pivotal part in my desire to blog my life experiences. Reliving the fog of those first couple months with a new baby gave me a strong desire to relate to how other families accommodated the lifestyle change of bringing home baby. The intrinsic similarities  our stories fosters a sense of mutual understanding and empathy that gives greater meaning to our journeys as parents. I hope that my blog can serve as a medium to promote this same sense of belonging in various other areas of life, because sometimes an awareness that we are not alone in our circumstances is the most meaningful human connection we can create.

On a much broader level, becoming a mother for the second time has refreshed my adoration for the beauty embedded in everyday moments. Seeing the simple magic in ordinary moments vicariously through the eyes of our baby enables me to do the same in many areas of my life. Admittedly, my sense of wonder is great, and this is perhaps my biggest blessing! For example, I am not ashamed to admit the ecstatic feeling of joy I felt when I recently discovered the most amazing mascara that only cost $13. It felt as though the universe was somehow looking out for me during my woes of losing a bit of my eyelashes after giving birth. And one of the first things I wanted to do was share it with everyone else, to other post partum mamas or anyone facing the same wispy lash struggle! I always derive greater satisfaction from a new discovery when I share the benefits with others. So, here’s another reason I want to become a blogger, to share with you all the things that enhance my quality life in some way, in hopes that you may perhaps garner the same ordinary joy it brings to me. Of course, I also want to share my experiences of those not-so-cheerful life moments as well, because having those conversations with others has proven to be the best way to see the silver lining in undesirable circumstances.

ReThread 3.jpg

Take for instance the fact that I have been incredibly hard on myself lately for being very scatter-brained, and I am typically only able to put my mistakes into a smaller context after discussing it with others who quip about making similar blunders. Recently as our family was en route to a sporting event and we were just minutes away from our destination, I realized that I had forgotten the baby’s diaper bag complete with all her essential things. And in that moment, I was barely fighting off tears of disappointment in myself wondering if I was competent enough to have this precious baby in my care. When I mentioned the incident to my sister later that day, she could barely catch her breath from laughter as she admitted committing a similar flop several times. And repeatedly the humour in my moments of mommy brain mix-ups is only illuminated when I concur with others who too, have committed similar slipups. And typically, sharing with others can covert a challenging experience into a feeling of belonging.

The beauty in some situations is sometimes not innate but comes from being able to see the silver lining in not so joyous moments. We often need input from others to help us in changing our perspective about certain conditions before we can subsequently see the blessing in them. I value how comforting and therapeutic it feels when I can see circumstances differently or simply feel understood after a heartfelt discussion with my husband or family and I want to create an outlet for others (who may not have a safe place/person to confide in) to derive the same reassurance during difficult situations through my blog.

I could likely write a four-page letter on why I have become passionate about creating this blog but I know that the best reason I can provide for sharing my life with you all through this online medium will be the sentiment of community we all derive through the dialogue fostered through my aspirations/ideas. I look forward to sharing with you and learning and growing in the process.

Xo Ini

“Steeping joy, brewed with all that life has to offer”

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