8 Reasons Why Babies Are Awesome And Adults Should Learn From Them.

Babies have some of the most amusing and ironic mannerisms and at any given moment Fraya’s behaviours offers us the best entertainment that you can get for free. Unbeknownst to them, babies have a constant dotting fan club that comes with round the clock paparazzi and our constant adoration of Fraya’s quirks reveals a deeper value in all her traits. Here’s a list of eight classic behaviours that babies display on a daily basis, which I believe we should also try and emulate.

1.) The only focus on what they want.

  • A baby’s eyes are like a set of magnets for the object of her desire. Nothing else around them matters during a moment when baby is eyeing the string in your shirt, the fluff on the carpet or the crumb stuck between their fingers. Even as I try to flash something more appealing within her view, Fraya does not shift her interest from whatever she is intent on making hers. Approaching our pursuits with this type of passion is what motivates us to remain focused solely on the means of achieving them. It takes a baby-like dedication not to become discouraged by the difficulties we encounter while pursuing our desires.

2.) They let go of anything they don’t need.

  • A toy, pacifier, bottle or a cup, when an object is no longer useful to a baby, it’s leaving their hands like a hot potato! Consider the practicality of a baby freeing up their explorative resource to embrace something  of greater interest once they are finished with another item. We may fail to discover our creative potential if we remain preoccupied with ideas/thoughts that are not useful. Our mind is our most valuable creative resource and it’s not beneficial to invest our imagination reinforcing thoughts of what makes us unhappy. I believe that we must develop an understanding of the emotions that give rise to our negative thoughts in order to eliminate nonconstructive ideas  .

3.) They let you know when they are unhappy.

  • Babies are living the high life because they let us know when we need to remedy something in their environment. From arching their back, fussing, squealing, crying, grunting and that snake-like rotation maneuver freeing them from your grasp; babies are good at conveying their discontent until someone understands how to fix the problem. However, as adults, we have to be able to identify WHAT is causing our discontent to remedy our unhappiness and this is probably the biggest obstacle to creating positive life changes. Our lack of fulfillment signals that something is amiss but we may be unable to identify the cause; I believe that we should develop a daily practice of questioning and understanding our negative emotions to discover the source of our discontent.

4.) They get over things quickly and move on.

  • Babies will have you believe that the world is ending in one instant and will be playing blissfully just moments later, showing that they know how move on once their discomfort is over. This is currently a noted blessing with Fraya entering the recurring head bumping stage of her mobility. I am passionately practicing this concept of letting go of displeasing sentiment(s) and it’s becoming hard to fathom why I would have ever remained preoccupied with negative experiences. The secret is that we need to progress emotionally before we can move on mentally, which requires an understanding of the fear(s) that are manifesting in our negative emotions.


5.) They find joy in the simple things. 

  • They could be half a dozen fancy toys in front of a baby but they will unfailingly find the commonplace house hold item to be more fascinating. A spoon, a piece of paper, a sock, her books are just some of the items that causes Fraya’s eyes to light up. I believe that it is a baby’s sense of wonder that intrigues them to discover the joy in ordinary items. We stop enjoying the simple experiences/things once we start to believe that we need more to be content. Yet, a reduced sense of fulfillment may diminish the means that we are willing to utilize to acquire more. It is a practice of love that enables us to find joy in the ordinary and the resulting sense of passion is the currency we need to fulfill greater desires.

6.) They know that a smile is a good way to you what you want. 

  • Even our funkiest moods can be altered by a full-hearted ear to ear smile from a baby and I’m starting to think that Fraya already knows when to flash her winning grin. And of course, when a baby blesses you with a smile, you automatically reciprocate and become interested in how they want to engage with you. Similarly for the rest of us, as they say “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”; a positive attitude is truly the best approach to adopt during any of our pursuits, especially if we require the support of others.

Anana September pic

7.) They pay attention to the little things. 

  • A baby’s development depends vastly on their ability to collect information/cues from their environment and incorporate it into practice. Fraya is now at the stage where her eyes are drawn to the most minute details in her surroundings and I know it’s only a matter of time before she’ll become the household vacuum cleaner. We sometimes become too distracted by the bigger picture that we overlook the little things, which are often the essentials or pre-requisite components to materializing the broader picture.

8.) They love freely.

  • This is undoubtedly the most meaningful lesson that I have gained while living vicariously in Fraya’s world. Babies demonstrate that our true nature is love, and it is their lack of perception that enables them to freely embrace every moment. My spiritual journey and awareness reveals that the perceptions that inhibit our ability to love is a fear of being unhappy. I now understand that every emotion, thought and encounter is an opportunity to choose love or fear and the choices we make from fear foster various forms of our discontent.We can be sure that we are acting out of love if our thoughts during any interaction echoes the positive energy of contentment.

What are some of your favourite traits that babies possess?


Ini Anana

“Steeping joy, brewed with all that life has to offer”.

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