An Ode to Love: Love is For The Receiver.

Love is our only true freedom because,
To love takes the courage  to live outside of all fear!
Love does not fear loss, it is not afraid of failure, and
Love is not seduced by the clout of the ego.
Love indeed is for the Receiver, so whom so ever receives Love may be graced with acceptance and virtue!
Love is for the Receiver, for
This is the nature of the Divine Love bestowed upon us, which is unwavering and
Does not bind nor possess and is not rationed upon circumstance!
But it sets us free so that we may always feel welcomed, because
Love is for the receiver and as we receive Love, so shall we discover how to Love  because,
Love is for the Receiver!
When we share Love for the sake of the Receiver, then
Love is unselfish, and only
When we are not selfish that
We are set free.


“Steeping joy, brewed with all that life has to offer”

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Love: Love is For The Receiver.

    • I thank my lucky stars that the universe was aligned for me to meet the wonderful husband of mine that you raised <3<3! I also lucked out with the best mother in law in the world ❤


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