Day 1: Let’s Talk Self Love

pexels-photo-264771.jpeg Welcome to the 21 Days Self Love challenge everyone, which commemorates the one year anniversary of my Steeping Joy platform. How is your 2018 going so far? Perhaps you are joining along because you too wish to explore greater self love this year. In 2017, I discovered the relief and hope that stems from cleaning up my relationship with myself and  felt that it was a secret that needed to be shared with others. To say that I am excited would be an understatement! I am naturally a very passionate person, but it has been a while since I completely immersed myself in something because it just felt good. During the last couple weeks, I have felt the same elation I did coloring a picture or decorating my room for hours as a child, so it’s kind of befitting that this challenge is the product of my own self love endeavor. I wanted to create this experience while my excitement about the impact of self love  in my life is still fresh because it wasn’t long ago that I did not even care about the relationship I was having with myself. To be honest I previously thought “those people” tooting their self love horn were self righteous, likely because I was subconsciously envious of people who cared more about feeling free than being perfect. In fact I was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t even see why I needed self love, after all I was too busy trying to accomplish my goals and was convinced that once I got what I wanted then all would be good. Yup, I thought “those people” who were all up in arms about their self love campaign were just looking for excuses for being sore losers in life or not being motivated enough. Now, I chuckle pondering that “those people” were probably amused thinking  “oh you just wait and see little missy” because after I began checking off milestones on my list of accomplishments, I didn’t feel much different about myself. Rather, I felt more misunderstood, suppressed and just going through the motions even as I was generally grateful for my life. But I guess I imagined that I would feel more alive once I got my first degree, or perhaps after the second one, the amazing job, spouse and so on but none of those things magically enabled me to magically emerge as that person that I felt I was on the inside.

About two years ago, I craved more meaning in my life and ironically, I didn’t resort to seeking something new “to do” likely because I was running out of options or losing faith in the “doing”. I just wanted to feel more connected to that foggy essence of myself that I felt deep down within myself and didn’t realize it then, but I was searching for more purpose within myself and began writing, which is something that I have always enjoyed. And this was when I began discovering the importance of self love because it took more courage to put myself out there and share my ideas than it did to get an A on an exam. I realized that we must all get to a stage where we realize that deriving more fulfillment out of life requires being more human and loving with ourselves because your degree, job or anything else cannot comfort your soul.  So, here I am being one of those people on a mission to impact the way that we all relate to ourselves. I believe that when we truly value and love ourselves then we are able to find safety and approval within ourselves and can flow into greater possibilities in life. So let’s get right into the exercises for day 1 with just exploring our ideas about self love. I will include my own answers to break the ice 🙂

  1. What does the term self love mean to you?
  • My own definition of self love is constantly expanding especially as I encounter new ways that I need to accept myself during my personal growth journey. But for me self love is being in a meaningful relationship with oneself. Being my own best friend and valuing our happiness enough to treat myself with regard, kindness and encouragement at all times. It not playing favorites with myself but still being okay with myself when I’m sad or defeated.
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how significant a role does self love play in your everyday life?
  • 7/10. I would love to say that this was 10/10 but like all things in life, I believe that self love is an ongoing journey. There are still many moments when I catch myself in that autopilot mode, saying something to myself or reacting in a way that doesn’t feel good to me but making self love a priority makes it easier to self correct those choices.
  1. List 5 traits or qualities that you love about your essence? (I chose to focus on our essence because I believe being connected to our intangible human nature allows us to value ourselves under changing circumstances.)
  • What I love about my essence is that I am resilient, compassionate, creative, passionate and determined

If you are having a hard time with the concept of your “essence” then try :

>>What are 4 things that you look up to in yourself? or

>>What 4 things do you appreciate about yourself?

4.) A.) Which of those qualities above would you love to demonstrate more towards yourself and why?

B.) What are examples of how you would do this?

  • A.) I have recently accepted the need to be more committed to utilizing my determined nature towards finding creative solutions for balancing my changing life priorities. During many transitions of my life, I have typically been able to maintain a possibility focused attitude in overcoming challenges and having that attitude with myself as I expand my passion and steeping joy platform is definitely going to be the key to uncovering more potential in myself and fulfilling my goals.
  • B.) Organization skills, more boundaries around my time, more patience with my timeline, streamlining my endless ideas.

Good job on completing day 1 exercises! If you guys would enjoy seeing what others are saying in their answers, then feel free to send me screen shots of your answer sheets of journal books and I will post it in on my Facebook page. We grow by sharing our experience especially as many are always waiting for someone to go first before they feel safe to do the same. Cheers until tomorrow.

Much love,

Ini ❤️

P.S: Facebook will be my main platform for sharing additional information about the challenge, so if you would like to follow along: clink the link and Like Steeping Joy Positive Lifestyle Solutions.

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