Day 2: What’s Challenging Your Self Love.

Day 2: Challenges to Self Love

Welcome back everyone, here is what some of you said about self love:

Accepting myself for who I am and learning new ways to be kind to myself.
–loving myself irrespective of the situations
–having a positive self-thought with myself.

I am hoping you all enjoyed acknowledging what makes us innately amazing. Which is that intangible essence that brings meaning to our lives and is ultimately our own currency for experiencing joy and inner peace. Our essence symbolizes the intrinsic value that we hold of ourselves and is essentially our authentic self that enables us to live purposefully in each moment. Thus “being” disconnected from those qualities diminishes our sense of  fulfillment and contributes to feeling a void that may undermine our self love. This suggests that we do not experience happiness simply from what we do or external factors but “being” the essence that we admire in ourselves is what enables us to navigate life and feel good about ourselves. In Sunday’s poll posted on my Facebook page, I asked ” Do you think it’s possible to be happy in our relationships if we do not love ourselves” and 100% of you responded that “No”. Do you think this should give us more inclination to focus our energy on the state of our “being” instead dwelling on the conditions unfolding around us. Would you agree that paying more attention to the orientation and intentions of our choices allows us to demonstrate the qualities we admire in our nature towards ourselves?

Shedding light on why I wasn’t showing up as my most authentic essence gradually made it possible to prioritize self love in my choices. Once I discovered that my expectations of perfectionism was cultivating shame and fear in certain aspects of my life, I began to appreciate that I would always depend on something external to make feel worthy and would subsequently become insecure when I wasn’t validated as I hoped.


Yesterday, you began creating a vision of how you would like to experience greater self love by pondering examples of how you could demonstrate one or more of the qualities that you love(appreciate) about yourself TO yourself.

Essentially, you have begun creating an intention how you want to “BE” and it will be useful to recognize the barriers that  distract you from being this essence. With that in mind here are today’s exercises.

1.) On a scale of 1-10, how important is to you to begin demonstrating the self love choices to yourself that you listed in question 4 yesterday over the next month.

–For me I would say 9/10 because focusing solely on the things that align with my values is currently my main priority and intention in all facets of my life.

2.) What do you believe prevents you from implementing those examples of self love in your life?

Common challenges to self love changes over the course of our lives range from cultural or social expectations that make is hard to prioritize our own happiness, people pleasing, over commitment to our professional and personal roles, busy lifestyles or sometimes a person may not believe that they can be happier.”

–The most obvious reason is that I’m a dreamer and become distracted by always coming up with these big ideas. But realistically speaking, I probably haven’t been as determined in prioritizing my time because I haven’t been as intentional as I could be such as not having enough consistent routines and systems, doing  too much, trying to wing it or multi task.

3.) Describe how choosing to IMPLEMENT the self love choices (that you listed in question 4 yesterday) would impact your life (mental, emotional and physical well-being, relationships, etc)?

–would feel relieved, lighter, more energized, have more resources, connected and purposeful with myself and others.

4.) Now describe how choosing NOT TO IMPLEMENT your  enhanced self love choices would impact your life (mental, emotional and physical well being, relationships, etc)?

–I think I’ve finally put enough at stake to avoid this prospect but some of othe consequences of not implementing my choices from yesterday would be: feeling resentful, overwhelmed, demotivated, decreased quality time with my family and not progressing in my goals.

Finally, which version of your life do you think would make you happier? Which of those examples could you implement today?

The whole goal of self love is nurturing more understanding of ourselves, so it’s important not to be hard on ourselves for perhaps not already implementing what you already know because self love is a journey and I hope you can see by the answers that we truly hold the key to creating the joyful life that we all want. Acknowledge yourself for completing Day 2 of the challenge, that itself is a step in a beautiful direction.

Much love



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