Day 7: Check In With Yourself.

How are you feeling today? Do you typically take time to check in with yourself to assess the state of progress with your happiness? We check in with those we love, so why not with ourselves. I admit that when others ask how I am doing, I am guilty of sometimes spitting out an answer before they finish stating the question and also formed the same habit with myself. Frequently checking in with our wellbeing reveals the areas in our lives that could use more self love to enhance our happiness. I recently listened to a podcast where they cited research that seventy five percent of people were unable to ‘definitively’ state the single wish that would change their lives. I imagine that when the stakes are high most people realize that addressing their common woes of being debt free, bigger house, relationship may not actually alter their internal happiness as we assume. That statistic also intrigued me to ponder that perhaps we are not in a regular habit of truly asking ourselves what would truly make us happy and incorporating that answer into our lifestyle choices. Checking in with ourselves with self honesty is the only way to shift our focus to creating our desired reality in our circumstances. Now getting in the habit of checking in with my state of affairs recently helped me to better align my priorities with my values. Doing so revealed where I was resisting change, which ultimately entailed resisting self acceptance. Thus, shifting focus opened me up to new possibilities and creativity.


Without checking in with ourselves, we may continually put one foot in front of the other even if we are not entirely happy about where we are headed. Use today to reflect on the last six days, considering what were your main take home insights this week. What do you feel grateful for? And what would you like to focus on next week to integrate more self love into your daily life? Do you need to focus of practicing kindness with yourself, setting boundaries or perhaps you can use today to schedule your “me” time for next week or catch up on the previous exercises.

1.) How will you know that you have reached your desired self love target number that you set on Day 2? What changes do you expect to see in yourself and choices that will confirm enhanced self love.

2.) List 10 things that bring you happiness and list 10 things that currently make you feel unhappy and reflect on which list/items typically describe your day to day life. Which of the happiness items could you implement daily, weekly and so forth.

–This exercise is a great way to appreciate that we are the ones creating our own reality through our choices. To feel happy in life, we must choose things that honor our joy. In other words, if a person’s life generally reflects the items that deplete their joy, then it’s impossible to experience more fulfillment without changing that picture around.

The life we are living is the one we are creating and experiencing greater fulfillment with ourselves begins with taking an honest inventory of where we are at in our lives. It’s means pausing and contemplating if we are happy with our choices and deciding what would enhance our happiness and giving ourselves permission to be make the necessary changes. The results in our lives are a direct reflection of what we are choosing. If we are always tired, then we need to begin prioritizing our own wellbeing because continuing with the same trajectory is going to yield the same state of low energy. For a long time I thought that I could live a life of “obligation” and magically wake up happier from finally attaining the “right” thing or pleasing the right people
. The best kept secret to living beautifully with ourselves and others is that we must choose more of what honors and sustains our joy and say no to behaviors and choices that undermine our inner peace. And each of us is the only person that can decide what the good life looks like by checking in and asking ourselves the appropriate questions and giving honest answers. One day, it will be end of our time and if we didn’t take responsibility for our happiness then we may realize that the fulfillment we “hoped” for was never around the corner because we didn’t choose to create it in the moments before.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


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    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing 💞. I’m grateful for having this platform to spread my passion for self love. Thank you for using your platform to spread inspiration and positivity 🌸✨

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