Day 9: Love Your Body.

If yesterday’s challenge of freely giving and receiving love would be considered one of the last frontiers of self love, then loving our bodies should arguably be one of the first. For all the neglect, abuse and shame that it endures, the human body is the most tangible giver of unconditional love. Unceasingly, each body part provides a priceless service without our conscious effort. Take for example, the synchrony of the human heart that pumps 2-3 gallons of blood over 20 billion times in one’s life time. Or the bones that give us form, to sit up, allowing us to walk, run and play. And the muscles that attach to bones and allow you to embrace another person. Our bodies are the vessels that enables us to experience the very essence of life and love. Therefore, I believe that loving our bodies is a gesture of gratitude to the constant magic that it produces without our guidance or attention. Yet, loving our bodies is potentially the hardest practice to adopt because we have generally become disconnected from sacredness of our human form. Our bodies have become objects to be used as a means for social approval, whereby even the culture of physical health is often rooted in a mindset of self rejection. More times than not, we do not approach improving our bodies from a framework of self love. Hence the difficulty in sustaining self negating body lifestyle changes proves we cannot “hate our bodies healthy”. Therefore I believe we must first or simultaneously love ourselves, that is being true to our essence in order to genuinely love our bodies.

What do you think it means to love your body? Do you feel that we should care for it as much we would other cherished possessions? I believe that caring for our bodies is rooted in our intent
. I began to appreciate the value of caring for my body in a greater magnitude mid way into my self love journey, hence why the topic is emerging now on day 9. For me, it was necessary to first establish the foundation of positive emotional intent, wellbeing and energy to extend towards my body. In the past, I admittedly viewed doing anything for my body as a laborious task that took too much energy. Finally defining the investment in my body as an endeavor of gratitude for the gifts our bodies provides made it easy to identify endless ways that I can honor and support all the seamless processes in my body. Now I do eat my 5-6 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, drink 6 glasses of water, invest in prepping my lunches for the week. I feel good mostly listening to what my body is telling me at various periods, even if it to get a better night’s sleep. Therefore, sometimes I love my body with a mid day nap or cardio three times a week to increase my energy. Ultimately, the best way to love our bodies is to listen to the message that it’s trying to send us through how we feel.

1.) A.) If your body could talk, what message do you think it is sending you during this time of your life?
B.) What then would be your reply to this message?

2.) What are some ways and examples of how you could show more care and love to your body?


3.) At least three times (working up to daily) a week stand in front of a mirror, set your timer for 3 minutes say out loud a minimum of three things that you love about your body that day. P.S: your body includes everything from head to toe 😊.
–If you find the word “love” a bit intimidating at this time then feel free to work up to it and for now state 3 or more things you “admire”, “like” or “appreciate” about yourself.

It’s an honor to be able to care for our bodies in any manner that supports it’s constant service to us. The care we give to our bodies yields the energy that we have to use in living the life we love. A little goes a long way, perhaps today loving your body means getting an extra hour of sleep, not eating lunch at your desk, going for a walk during your breaks.

Cheers till tomorrow,

Ini A

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