Day 10: Make Self Love a Habit.

It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through the self love challenge today. It is a great opportunity to look back and acknowledge changes you are noticing in yourself and how your understanding of self love may have changed thus far. I have been to using the daily challenges to hopefully shed light (for others) on a pivotal self love concept that eluded me until my recent spiritual journey. Which is that self love is essentially being high maintenance in caring “for” ourselves. It takes intentional effort to allot time for ourselves, enjoy our passion, fill our cup with joy, remain mindful in our situational responses to preserve our positive energy, nurture our bodies and so much more. Ironically, the notion of being high maintenance with how we treat ourselves implicitly has a superficial and socially derogatory connotation. I have come to believe that this fallacy may attribute to why our societies generally struggles with self worth and love. I cannot perceive an alternative in which a person can truly value themselves without purposefully investing their energy in choices that sustain their holistic wellbeing. So today, I invite you to affirm that being high maintenance with caring for yourself is the greatest gift you could give yourself because it’s the key to your happiness. Whereby, your happiness is the portal through which you can fulfill greater passion, purpose and abundance in life. However, I wish to dispel the misconception that such effort has to entail “hard work” by encouraging us to make self love second nature through consistent habits.

Not many of us found it physically difficult to get dressed this morning because it is a habit that we can now perform with our eyes closed. However, those of you who have ever patiently waited on a young child insisting to dress themselves would attest that it appeared as the most painstaking skill to master. You and I have mastered every skill that we now take for granted such as writing, speaking, driving from simply repeatedly practicing these habits. Therefore, we will become graceful with self love if we begin practicing habits that compliment many of the concepts that I’ve been sharing in the challenge. If we incorporate self love principles into our daily routines, it too will become as seamless as tying a shoe lace. We will not learn to love ourselves by merely having a self pampering outing once every few months or simply “thinking about” how we hope to love ourselves more. And since most of you agreed that loving ourselves is the key being happy then there is strong incentive to begin aligning our habits with how we “wish” to feel. It’s a good time to consider how you can weave self love choices into your day to condition this ideal into your mindset.

1.) Create a new Self Love journal using an available notebook (or purchasing one if desired) and at the end of each day write down:
A.) a self love choice, act, response etc that you implemented that day.
B.) One thing that brought you joy that day
**Pick a day in your calendar to re-read your entries on a monthly basis (keeping track of where you left off each month)**
So your first scheduled self love reading should be roughly March 1st.
–Bringing our focus to our self love choices encourages us to remain intentional and keeps our attention on more possibilities for supporting our wellbeing.

2.) Identify which daily challenges thus far you would like to implement into daily, weekly habits.
A.) From Day 3: Scheduling one hour of weekly ME time spread over 2-3 occasions
B.) From Day 3: Enjoying your passion activity.
C.) From Day 4: determine 2 daily actions that compliment the feeling that you want to experience more of.
D.) From Day 4: Eliminate 2 choices that oppose your above desired emotional state.
E.) From Day 5: create an alarm or an alternative cue to check in with yourself midday on a daily basis and affirm 2 things that you are proud of yourself for thus far during that day.
F.) From Day 7: based on feasibility incorporate items from your happiness list daily, weekly, etc
G. ) From Day 8: read your self compliment letter to yourself every morning as you wake up.
H.) From Day 9: New ways to care for your body.
G. ) From day 9: Set a timer for 3 minutes while standing in front of a mirror and say at least 3 things out loud you love about your body.

In my current personal development reading “The Four Agreements”, Don Ruiz reiterates that action makes all the difference because practice makes the master. Self love becomes difficult not because we aren’t good enough but because we have not consistently practicing self loving choices. Therefore, enhancing how we feel about ourselves requires practicing new self loving habits. Be intentional and create new habits that mirror how you want to feel about yourself because it will surely change your life.

Much love,


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