Day 11: Spiritual Love.


“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life”.–Buddha

Buddha’s wisdom suggests that we cannot feel complete without spirituality and today’s challenge of meeting our spiritual needs is a culmination of everything that we have been practicing thus far. Spirituality draws on fulfilling our passion, overcoming reactivity, being intentional, compassionate and embracing the oneness of giving and receiving love. Over time, yesterday’s self love habits organically evolve into meaningful rituals that enable us to live purposefully with ourselves and others. For me spirituality is the ability to flow with the tides of life by being fully present and content in the current moment of life. This ability to detach one’s worth from circumstances is the ultimate display of self love. It requires us not to attach our value to external factors in the first place, but to know who we are at a soul level. The desire to love ourselves spiritually is essentially what begins one’s search to truly know themselves beyond conditioned expectations. It’s the journey that leads us to re-discover the wisdom within our souls. As such, meeting our spiritual needs begins with living in service to the desires of our souls.


What does the word soul mean to you? Do you feel in tune with this part of yourself? Whatever makes us feel alive and find meaning in each moment is the act of spirituality. Therefore, spirituality is rooted in choosing to be conscious of oneself and grateful in each moment. Honoring our spiritual needs means that one cannot love themselves by dwelling in the past or striving to be ahead of time in the future. Because both prospects entail attaching greater value to the either the past or future and minimizing our worth in the present moment. Spirituality means living peacefully in the moment now such that one becomes deeply connected to our innate worth at all times. Endeavoring to find deeper meaning and purpose in each unfolding moment is the spiritual act that reveals the life lessons necessary to support our growth. If spirituality is a relatively new topic to you then simply approach it as learning to be at peace and content in each moment. Which means that you want to discover tools that will help you to remain grounded in yourself and avoid simply reacting to what is happening around you. Creating an internal reference of safety subsequently diminishes our fear of the unknown. Which encourages us to follow our heart and intuitions, trusting in the universal intelligence that sustains order and beauty everywhere in nature and keeps us alive without any conscious effort.


1.) Incorporate what you are most passionate about from day 3’s challenge into your life.
–We discover greater purpose in life when we are fulfilling our passion. Being connected to a deeper purpose for living motivates us to transcend our everyday circumstances with grace and faith.

2.) Brainstorm a list of activities that enable you to feel grounded, relaxed and connected to yourself. Consider how you can incorporate the most valuable activity into a daily or weekly habit.
–I found this list that @enlightcounselling offered in her challenge to be a great resource for anyone who may have difficulties coming up with ideas:
Being in nature
Doing something creative
Self Reflection 
Singing / Dancing
Crystal Healing 
Other complimentary/holistic therapies 
Paying attention to your dreams

3.) Meditation has become a great mindfulness tool for me lately, allowing me to stay present and grounded in my mind. I have attached a quick 5 minute gratitude meditation link “Meditate on your joy with Light Watkins” below that is great for anyone who is a beginner or has struggled with meditating. Try it out and see if this is a meditation that you can begin each day with.
Meditate on Your Joy with Light Watkins

Nurturing our whole selves, mind body and spirit is the key to finding balance and inner peace in life. Knowing that we are greater than whatever unfolds in our situations allows us to continually love ourselves amidst changing circumstances. It’s not coincidental that writing this entry became a spiritual practice as it proved to be the most difficult concept (within the context of the self love challenge) to convey. The self love difference was recognizing this as a opportunity to internalize the principles that I highlighted about detaching one’s value from circumstances. I would say that I embraced that spiritual lesson of going with the flow much more gracefully than I would have in the past, where I would have fretted and worried about not writing a perfect article. Rather, I meditated, took a little snooze and completed today’s challenge feeling blessed to be able to share my ideas with all of you. Spirituality brings us peace within, which offers us peace wherever we go.

Much love,


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