Day 13: Acknowledge Yourself.

Consistently hitting the pause button to relax as we did yesterday amidst our busy schedules gradually leads to trusting our ability to manage whatever life throws at us. I was often reluctant to temporarily switch off the constant “go” mode because I subconciously feared that I wouldn’t be able to regain lost momentum. In essence, not being fully present in my circumstances prevented me from fully appreciating the personal skills at my disposal that I was employing in those instances. So much of our self defeating dialogue stems from a fear of dropping the ball when the stakes seem high, otherwise known as “failure”. Could it be that we are afraid to fail because we don’t fully trust our capacity to recover? If one had greater confidence in their comeback game then perhaps they would be less worried about confronting challenges or set backs in the first place? Trusting in our own innate resilience is one of the many differences between very young children and adults. What else could explain why our seventeen months old daughter persisted in trying to climb a particular chair in our living room after falling many times. She likely trusted that her own determination was more decisive to her success than the difficulty of the skill she had to learn.
On the day 1 of this self love challenge, you independently recognized five qualities about your essence that I believe is your constant leverage for overcoming any challenge in life. We may erroneously disregard the importance of those personal assets if we are not fully embodying them in our thoughts and choices. Renown spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson reiterated a similar ideal that we always have everything that we need to thrive in a podcast I recently listened to. She said something along the lines:

“the acorn does not have to work to become a spruce tree nor the embryo wonder how it will become a fetus”

What is your interpretation of the above statement? I believe it implies that simply being true to our essence offers us the constant wisdom and insights to evolve through all the changing seasons in our lives. It suggests that loving ourselves under all circumstances frees us to have greater faith in ourselves instead of insisting that things must unfold in a particular manner. Whereby, being self critical during life’s challenges leads to focusing on what we believe is lacking within us instead of noting the self abundance that we always possess.

1.) List 10 accomplishments and/or challenges that you have achieved or overcome.
–How does reflecting on how far you have come make you feel about yourself?

2.) Describe the common personal skills, qualities and traits that served you in those successes.
–Consider adopting a routine of affirming this quality about yourself in one of your daily habits from day 10 to continually internalize this incredibly invaluable aspect of yourself.

3.) List 5 things that you believe you are doing well at in your life right now. Consider how you can employ (or trust in your eventual capacity to utilize) the dominant qualities that you demonstrated in the above successes to an area of your life where you may be feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

Continual personal growth is the ultimate aim of self love because it affords us a sense of purpose in life. Not fully appreciating my own resiliency in the past led to unnecessarily holding myself back in certain areas of my life. We each have our own unique blend of personal assets that will always enable to overcome uncertainty or difficulty. Acknowledge yourself and trust that just like everything else in nature, being true to who you are is the key to your fulfillment and abundance.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone,

Much love,

Ini A.

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