Day 14: Create An Impact.

I hope that yesterday’s exercises was a good reminder about why you are so deserving of your love. Looking back, I can now appreciate that the only reason that I ever struggled to fully accept myself was not actually ‘being’ myself. Yet, I was so identified with the expectations that I thought I needed to be that I honestly would not have been able to clearly discern how I wasn’t being true to my essence. Many insights later and I now understand that a significant litmus test for our authenticity is one’s effect or impact on others. Just as the roar epitomizes the lion and it’s sweet songs typifies the nightingale, I believe that the impact that we create on others reveals the effect that we are internally experiencing within ourselves. Thus, it easier to accept and love ourselves when the impact that we leave on others reflect our true essence. Essentially, one of the easiest ways to substantiate the love that we have for ourselves is to extend the same impact onto others. In essence, our positive impact reflects being true to our essence and is not limited to what we are doing. We can create a positive impact without any material exchange. Similarly, the Bible cautions that the act of giving away all of one’s possessions lacks meaning if it’s not done in the spirit of love.


“Impact is the product of our being and reveals what’s unconditionally available within us from not having any expectations of others in return “–I. Anana

The last couple weeks have been dedicated to intentionally adding love and value to ourselves and today invites us to gauge what is in our cup by enabling it to overflow onto others. The magnitude of compassion that I show to myself is all that I can ‘authentically’ offer to others. Hence, true impact and service is based on generosity, whereby we must already possess for ourselves the ideals that we wish to extend towards others so we do not become limited by demanding the same gesture(s) in return. On the other hand, we can instantly become self abundant in any quality that we choose to freely extend towards others. I have a profound believe that we often do not recognize our magnificence until we seize the opportunity to create a positive impact on others. Such moments remind us of who we are at our core because not expecting any gestures back in return symbolizes our inherent wholeness. The impact that we create on others subsequently fuels our self love, enhancing our capacity to sustain the same impact on ourselves.

1.) How would you describe your impact on others using one word. Explain your answer?

2.) As you go through your day, remain aware of the impact that your choices and actions has on others. Does it reflect the overflow of a full cup of self love? What needs to be adjusted to align with your true essence?

3.) Extend an act of generosity to five individuals this upcoming week without any expectations.
–I encourage you to draw on the qualities that you love about your essence (from day 1) to create your desired impact. It’s good to note that we don’t need always need to expend money to show kindness towards others. I recently offered an extended back massage to my mother who watches my daughter while I’m at work and she still assures that it was better than anything money could buy.


It’s important to start focusing on the impact that we wish to create in the world as we approach the final week of the challenge. This is the phase where we will begin shaping the vision that we wish to impart on our future selves. As we fill our own cup with love, the overflow becomes the impact we leave on others. Because impact is not conditional, the effect we have on others also reveals how we are towards ourselves. Being intentional to be of positive service to others is the best way to confirm that we are also extending the same care to ourselves.

Much love till tomorrow,

Ini Anana

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