Day 16: Be Creative with self love.

Yesterday, I proposed that self acceptance is more about focusing on what makes us great than simply attempting to accept our perceived deficiencies. I wasted years trying to ‘love’ my imperfections not realizing that focusing on those so called ‘imperfections’ only fueled a perception of inadequacy. Rather, I should have been adoring what I liked about myself, thus minimizing my concern about any so called flaws. As very young children, we were effortlessly in tuned with what makes us special but as ‘grown ups’ it now requires creativity. It just so happens that ‘creativity’ was arguably the most intimidating word as an adult even as I would naturally consider myself a creative person. But of course creativity felt daunting when I was not consciously grounded in an awareness of my unique self abundance.

Feeling connected to what makes us special enables us to creatively express our self abundance. The good news is that simply taking the opposite approach from our conditioned expectations will naturally channel our creativity. Merely challenging yourself to interrupt and contradict your default strategies to life will immediately allow your innate creative outlook to emerge. So today’s challenge essentially invites us to step out of our norms and embrace an alternate way of being with ourselves. Exploring novel ways of relating with ourselves broadens the context and situations in which we can choose to accept ourselves. Thus incorporating creativity into self love is a means for overcoming our perceived self scarcity or lack and fostering greater self abundance.

1.) How can you inorporate creativity into your self love and care?. For example consider implementing creativity in expressing yourself physically by stepping out of your typical mode of presentation.
–Why not pull out that bright skirt you have been shy to wear, style your hair differently, wear those fancy shoes that’s reserved for special occasions.
–In many ways we may be afraid of standing out for “no reason” but how about the fact that being you is all the reason you need to stand out.
–In the past, I only painted my nails in “nude” colors, convincing myself that I preferred “classic simple shades. However, with much self reflection, I now realize that I didn’t want to look unprofessional aka not good enough by my definition. Therefore, I will be choosing a bolder nail polish when I paint my nails later today.

2.) Consider how you can take a different approach to thinking about routine challenges.
–Can you slow down if you are used to rushing, be more flexible if you are typically insist on control, or be more decisive is you’re used to allowing others to set the tone.
–Responding to life differently enables us to step outside of expectations that may subconsciously limit our self love.

3.) Set an intention to finally complete something that you have been putting off in previous weeks.

Ultimately, our souls is seeking the internal freedom to evolve into the truest expression of ourselves. It’s a journey that begins with interrupting conditioned ways of being in exchange for greater creativity to emerge. Self love is an excavating process of peeling away limitations to embrace our natural greatness.

Much love until tomorrow,

Ini Anana

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