Day 17: Trust Yourself.

Forgoing our default choices in yesterday’s challenge typically conjures the ultimate limitation to our creativity, which is doubt. Self trust is that missing piece of our inner confidence and courage that we often don’t realize was missing until we find it. Prior to embracing greater self love, I didn’t value my own wisdom enough to recognize that I didn’t trust myself, let alone gauge the broader consequences of not doing so. In hindsight, I can admit that all of my prior fears was the result of not trusting my own instincts. Not trusting ourselves leads to judging ourselves and depreciating the magnitude of happiness that we deserve. Truly the most frightening loneliness is ignoring the natural instincts in our heart that originates from our soul to protect and guide us as a cat’s whiskers becomes their eyes in the dark. Not trusting myself rendered me a sitting duck, just biting time as I gambled my happiness in flimsy people and prospects. It was nearly impossible to be in the moment from constantly seconding my opposing mind. Living a full abundant life begs that we trust ourselves lest we remain in fear from internal turmoil.


In yesterday’s Facebook poll, a stunning 100% of you said you trust your instincts, suggesting that at the core, you believe in yourself. Thus far, the daily self love exercises and reflections have been designed to create the most welcoming and positive internal environment within yourself to gain your own self trust. It was difficult to trust myself when I didn’t treat myself well, which is similar to how I approach other relationships. But most importantly, I didn’t explicitly have any agreements with myself to define the boundaries of self trust. As the adage goes, ‘if there’s no law then there’s no crime’; having intentional contracts with ourselves helps to define the scope of self honoring choices. I have since made clear promises to myself that override prior people pleasing choices to protect my authentic self expression. I have promised myself to never choose being liked over speaking my heart. Continually honoring this promise enables me trust my own creativity and remain passionate about my purpose. If you wish to nurture greater inner peace that will empower you to grow beyond your comfort zone then consider how you can deepen your self trust.

1.) Make a small promise to yourself aimed at meeting one of your self love goals from day 1. For the next 7 days create a daily action/ routine to fulfill this promise.
–Trust is built on consistency. You would likely find it difficult to trust someone who only occasionally kept their word but let you down the most the time. Therefore, consistently keeping our word to ourself fosters trust and confidence in ourselves.
–My personal promise going forward is to “package” mine and my daughter’s lunches the night before. On day 1 I noted that being intentional and focused with my time was essential and I’ve since discovered that “presence” is a non negotiable aspect of my creative inspiration. Any sort of rushing, striving into the next moments undermines my energy so starting out my morning in a relaxed state of mind is an important tone to set for the day.

2.) For the next 5 days, challenge yourself not seek external opinions on personal matters/issues that only impact you.
–So this may be one the most challenging exercises so far if you are accustomed to always seeking external input. But I invite you to consider why we ask people’s opinions in the first place? We typically end up proceeding with our own preferences but unknowingly undermine our inner confidence by second guessing ourselves. You already know that you want to do, so just follow your heart, knowing that the remedy to whatever happens is self love.

Trusting ourselves feels like plopping into the coziest bedding at the end of a long day. Self trust relieves us to feel safe in our choices and at peace in our minds. It liberates us to build the most welcoming castle within ourselves such that we can never feel estranged wherever we go. The wisdom in your heart is there just FOR you, trust it so that you truly have your own back.

Have a beautiful day.

Ini Anana

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