Day 19: Grow into yourself.

Believing in ourselves as we navigate the uncertainties of life takes us to the places that we never imagined was possible. It’s this marveled exhilaration that I continually witness in our toddler’s demeanor when she suddenly surprises herself in accomplishing something that seemed impossible just days before. Stepping out of our emotional comfort zone helps us to narrow the gap between our presiding conditions and the person we truly aspire to be on the inside. Discovering new possibilities in ourselves reveals that we were always enough and only needed to unfold the uncharted aspects of essence by fully loving ourselves. Self love is a type of internal collateral, giving us the security that we desire so that we can take risks that reveal ‘how’ to have what we desire. In many ways, growth marks a point of no return where we have fallen head over heels in love with the freedom that our soul is craving. Our desperation to experience greater joy and peace subsequently weakens our stubbornness against change and demands that we step beyond familiar ways of being.

My hope is that this challenge has highlighted the magnitude of personal responsibility that one must assume in order to truly love themselves and live an abundant, fulfilling life. This truth is so beautifully articulated in this following quote that @enlightcounselling shared on Instagram:


“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”–Bob Moawad

Perhaps you have now accepted new insights about self love that you cannot “unknow”. In which case, reaching your desired self love target will depend your willingness to act upon this awareness. Yet, once upon a time the notion of personal growth was so mystified that I didn’t fully understand exactly what to do in order to “grow”. I’ve since learned that growth begins with defining what we want by establishing the desired vision that we wish to experience in life. The process of growth is quite simply when our actions are loyal to our vision of ourselves. . Your commitment to make choices that support the self love vision that you created on the second day of this challenge encompasses your growth. Such choices will reveal the wisdom of ‘how’ to have whatever we desire. Consider this metaphor of being ‘gifted’ the most beautiful plant that I adored. I likely wouldn’t ‘have’ it for long without knowing how to care for it. If we desire peace then we will encounter a lack of peace in our circumstances in order for us to learn “how” to create and ‘have’ the peace we seek. If my soul seeks deeper connections then I may frequently confront feelings of isolation to discover ‘how’ to nurture connection. Therefore, I invite you to recognize that the current circumstances in your life reflects the universe granting you the opportunities to discover “how” to have what you seek. It will take self love to become curious and interested in discovering how to transform these conditions to create the very ideals that you are hoping for.

1.) Today, I encourage you to simply reflect on expanding the ways that you can make choices that support your self love goals and vision of your life. What are ready to let go of as well adopt in every moment to stay true to your essence.

Loving ourselves enables us to believe that our lives is unfolding FOR us at every moment. Growth is making choices that reduce the gap between what is occurring now and the person we long to become. During even the smallest of moments today, strive to respond through the essence of the highest version of yourself and before you know it, she/he will emerge because you would have intentionally grown into her/ him.

Much love,

Ini Anana

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