Day 20: Love Yourself.


“Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form. In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is Love.” –Eckhardt Tolle

Intentionally growing into the person that we were born to be emancipates us from seeking her/him in people, places or things. If you accepted yesterday’s growth challenge then you my friend will be on a lifelong journey of self love. In which case, I hope that the insights offered during this experience remains the cocoon of self love that you can immerse yourself in as you continually emerge into more beautiful aspects of yourself. The truth is, the moments that precede the most meaningful growth can feel dark and uncomfortable because we are detaching from accustomed ways of being. Shedding the armor of expectations that prevented us from loving ourselves may leave us feeling vulnerable about stepping forth as our authentic selves. These are the occasions when that old voice of doubt may want to keep confining us in the name of logic by questioning “who do you think you are to shine so bright”. These become the opportunities to stand up as our own savior and choose to keep growing. As one’s allegiance to inner peace and growth expands, they will recognize that we only have two choices in life. Which is finding meaning in the lifestyle that bolsters our personal freedom or appeasing other people’s version of happiness. Many of you established early in this challenge that true happiness stems from being true to ourselves. Therefore, our ultimate purpose in life is to especially love ourselves when we confront the fear of being unloved or unapproved. This offers us the clarity to hear our own intuition and make choices that support our growth. The relief of no longer proving our worth frees us to discover passion, deepening our purpose in life.

Discovering that the only love we truly need lies within gives us the courage to envision a more liberating and fulfilling dream for our lives. Feeling connected to the love that is always within helps us to differentiate ourselves from our circumstances. It leads to opening up our hearts to others knowing that our love cannot be lost. Loving ourselves pulls the shroud from our fears, revealing it as an illusion that cheats our joy and potential. Self love gives us the guts to always question whether each decision satisfies our happiness. The road to a purposeful and fulfilling life is paved with choices that honor our personal freedom. Self love is the compass, that keeps us from straying from this path. If we can love ourselves when we are up or down then we will never have anything to lose. Rather, we will gain the confidence to live the life that we can feel in our hearts instead settling into the lifestyle that is expected of us.

1.) On a scale of 1-10, how grounded do you feel in yourself and life? If you aren’t satisfied with your score, consider the expectations that would need to change for you to feel more at peace.
–Personally embracing greater focus and presence in my choices during this challenge is revealing that I need to enjoy the process of my expansion to be effective, passionate and fulfilled. It has enabled me to redefine a vision of success that compliments my values and authenticity.

2.) Think of a person whom you love greatly and imagine how you can transfer this type of love to yourself.
–how do you think, feel and act towards them and can you practice being this way with yourself.

I discovered that we need self love to ground us in our desired sense of certainty and safety within our spirit, after previously running through life as a race without a finish line in sight. The past twenty days have been preparing us to value our happiness so that we can find beauty and purpose in following our hearts. May loving ourselves wholly give us the strength to choose the joy that we deserve, to be gentle with our humanity, to have hope in the future and the courage to choose the path leads to our own dreams.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Ini Anana

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