Day 21: Embrace The Journey.


My heart is heavy with gratitude and unexpected insights about how creating the daily self love challenges over the last 20 days has welcomed me to new spaces within myself. I may never fully understand why I conceded against my rational logic to suspend my other projects to share this experience with all of you. In reality, I don’t know how many people were able to complete the exercises but I thank you for sharing the posts, reading along or just opening up your heart space for more self love to take root. I didn’t have the bird’s eye view of the subtle changes occurring within as I promised myself to take this experience day by day and trust the process of only writing each post the evening before. It would take doing a challenge just for the love of it to seamlessly re-write many limiting beliefs that I tussled with for years. Such as “I don’t finish anything”, “I am easily discouraged” or “It’s hard for me to focus on one thing”. I can appreciate that today actually marks a new beginning of being able to transfer my renewed confidence and trust in my creativity to what awaits me.

1.)Today’s challenge is to consider where in your life you can choose to love yourself during the process of your desired change instead of making your self love conditional on an outcome. What can you begin today to sustain your self love journey.

The daily exercises gave us full control and ownership of how to be our truest essence so that we may not easily surrender our internal gifts to circumstances. By remaining passionate, I know that I can always transform all pain to purpose. Fully embodying your own quality of curiousity amidst confusion will always produce endless possibilities for what’s to come. And for another their compassion can expose wisdom in the greatest disasters. Making true progress in our journeys requires digging a little deeper in ourselves to find meaning and balance in each changing season of our lives. No doubt, we will be able to love ourselves with greater ease when all is blooming in the summer phases of our lives. These are the times when kindness is not a chore and will pour easily from our minds to our bodies. But we will also enter the arid winter periods that bears fewer fruits that readily remind us of who we are. But as the seed does not completely die in the winter, may we remember that our essence is an everlasting part of our being. We will no longer fear inevitable changes as we become masters of our essence.


Last but not least, if endings are just new beginnings then the journey lies in the process. It was initially intimidating to envision completing 21 consecutive days of inspirations and in the past I would have wrestled with my inner critic, lost sight of my intentions, undermining my vision and purpose for this endeavor. That isn’t too different from our constant desire to have all the details figured out before we begin living in the moment. Which leads to rushing from one outcome to the next, all the while feeling perplexed as to why we can’t find greater meaning in our efforts. There is no doubt that we may still struggle with loving ourselves “unconditionally” but this too is a process that unfolds in stages. Strive to find beauty and purpose in each season and challenge of your self love journey. We must be patient with falling back in love with ourselves as it takes commitment to court long neglected (mind, body or spirit) aspects of our essence. When we’ve had a hard day, may we put in the effort to kiss and make up with our spirits with a practice that ground us from within. Don’t go to bed angry with yourself and above all be ever curious about who you truly are. Stop believing the lies in your head; ask yourself the important questions, learn more about what makes you laugh or cry and adjust your choices accordingly. You should probably know that thing, which leaves you feeling like the most important person in the world; DO IT OFTEN. Pay attention to yourself and be kind with your self rediscovery.

If you make it a priority to love yourself with all of your heart, you too will never forget just how special you are to yourself and life. Finally remembering our own magic is what empowers us to transform any reality into our dreams come true.

Wishing you the very best of love, joy and health in the remainder of 2018.


Ini Anana

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