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The nature of this relationship, which Ms. Waheed so highly esteems determines the quality of our lives. How much time and attention we give to this relationship determines if we know our passion or discover the inspiration to create a better vision for our lives. Yet, it’s a relationship that might as well have been invisible to me for much of my adult life. The consequence of this oversight was subsequently equating myself with everything that was unfolding around me. Hence, I lost clarity about myself at any given moment when things didn’t go as anticipated. Not having a true friendship within myself kept me stuck in unfulfilling choices because I lacked a loving home (inside) to return to if I dared to abandon my identification with the less fulfilling lifestyle. I believe that this is why we needlessly fear the very change that can transform our entire existence. It’s not because we don’t want greater fulfillment, passion, to make a greater impact in the world and manifest greater abundance with our gifts. It actually contradicts our human nature to think that we don’t deserve true happiness, connection and purpose for no reason. We only throw in the towel on becoming the person whom we can feel inside and dreaming of the life that we deserve because we have not yet built a loving home within ourselves.


How are we suppose to leave behind all that no longer serves us if we do not have something else, something better inside to hold on to. What I’ve learned is that we need to express passion to know and LOVE ourselves. Passion is very essence of putting in the time, attention and love into this relationship between you and you. We need passion to actually exist in a relationship WITH ourselves. Otherwise, our existence is merely doing and thinking without a true emotional connection or chemistry with who we are. Passion is like the bait that forces us to remain in the same space long enough with ourselves to discover and fall in love with the person that we may have neglected for too long. Even though I was good at and enjoyed many things, it was nearly impossible to embrace passion with myself when I was attached to the expectation of only doing things for validation or approval. Passion is the thing that one does wholeheartedly without needing validation because the reason is an inspiration based on LOVE. Passion is how we continuously show love to ourselves, it gestures that we care enough to do something just because we deserve it to be happy. However, the personal value that we derive from our passion inspires a desire to offer this value to others through creative service. This awareness that improving the relationship with ourselves offers the clarity for evolving our lives inspired my passion to create a platform of self love. This is why I was motivated to create a heartfelt program that shifts away from the instant gratification mindset that generally plagues society’s approach to personal growth.


Introducing “Positively You: Motivational Stories for Personal Freedom and Self Abundance”, an authentic approach to self development that invites the participant to experience the emotional alchemy of personal growth with an open heart. True transformation originates in the relationship with ourselves and learning to befriend the essence that we may have long ignored doesn’t happen overnight. On the other hand, deepening our personal freedom and self love is a process that is way more fun, ironic, sarcastic and exciting than it is given credit for. Personal growth doesn’t have to be painful or ridden with shame and I have the motivational stories from my own journey to prove it. For example, my own practice of self acceptance isn’t as dramatic as it’s often made out to be. Rather, you will likely join in the laughter as you witness this see-saw process that ends with the same feeling of relief that one experiences from needlessly psyching themselves to step into a pool that turns out to be only waist deep. Pre-order this heartfelt experience today for only $19.99 to overcome self judgement, align with your higher self and discover more of your passion and potential. The program launches on April 9, 2018 at which time, you will receive a motivational story in your email inbox every weekday morning for 4 weeks.


About the Creator:

Ini Anana is a public health nurse and spiritual thought writer whose self development publications was repeatedly featured in Thought Catalog in 2017. She uses a philosophical and emotional style of writing to elaborate on the vulnerable intricacies of personal growth, inviting the reader to connect with their own self awareness and wisdom. She is the creator of Steeping Joy Positive Lifestyle Solutions and facilitated a free online in-depth 21 Days Self Love Challenge in January of 2018. Her upcoming self development projects include the launch of “Awakening Passion” in the summer of 2018, a two hours group workshop exploring the authentic self love process to uncovering and valuing our gifts and passions.


Positively You: Motivational Stories For Personal Freedom and Self Love.

Positively You is a unique heartfelt self love and transformation program designed for those with a growing desire to feel alive and discover more passion, purpose and abundance in their lives. When we have a sense of what we want our lives to feel like but are unsure about how to alter our circumstances then what need is a change of heart before our mind and actions can shift in the direction of our desires. The key to having a clearer vision that you desire is feeling like yourself again because how we feel about ourselves shapes our choices. Each story explores the vulnerable intricacies of self love and inspires an emotional transformation that deepens one’s self awareness to create their desired lifestyle changes. Combining an emotional and philosophical style of story telling, Positively You evokes self compassion and understanding to help the participant transcend self judgement and heal the fear of disappointing ourselves or others. Positively You moves us to stop doubting and rebelling against ourselves, empowering us to embrace our strengths and take inspired actions to improve the intended areas of our lives.

Stories are a powerful medium of transformation that can enable us to extrapolate our own wisdom and insight. This approach draws on the fact that people are able to shift how they think by altering how they feel. Everyday (for 4 weeks) you will receive a new electronic Positively You transformation story in your inbox that moves you to contemplate your life story with the wisdom of an open heart. Self reflective prompts will leave you with less assumptions and greater self acceptance, understanding and inner confidence. In four weeks, you will experience greater emotional relief and clarity to release self judgement, discover passion and believe in yourself. A genuine authentic approach that satisfies your desire for the personal freedom that comes from being Positively You. A one of a kind program designed to enhance how you feel about yourself so you can move forward thinking and acting with more clarity about your life.

Purchase the program today for an introductory price of $19.99 and begin your “Positively You” experience when the program launches on April 9, 2018.

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